Dark Side Club - a salon for conversation

Salon Reimagined

For this the seventh Edition, we have taken the decision to recast the club, specifically in the way the salon conversations are directed. Possibly this is the incubator that Venice and its Biennale peculiarly fosters but whatever its reason we would like to ‘tilt the axis’ slightly and see if we cannot prompt a change to the debate by contextualizing it.

To that end and to provide a deeper and more serious forum The Dark Side Club 7th Edition is being positioned as a teaser to the inaugural Architecture _ International Forum (A_IF) in Autumn 2018. This will take the historic form of the intense conversation of the Club and aim to extend it both in reach and context but also in depth and duration.

To that end we have invited Matteo Cainer to take the reins of the detail of the debate and curatorial direction both here in Venice for the three evenings of the 23rd, 24th and 25th May, and later in the A_IF.

The ovearching theme, which will then be decorticated in the three evenings, prompting, we hope, stimulating and dynamic conversations is:

Digital submission or Architectural Domination

The evenings will be recorded with photography and a transcript.