Dark Side Club - a salon for conversation

Coverage and Documentation


Together with the press reports and the records kept on these web pages each of the Editions (from the 2nd to the current) will be available as a book from the Architectural Association Publications in their "Architecture Works" Series. With fuller editions of photographs and transcripts of each evening these will hopefully as in Aaron Betsky's words afford a "coven of knowledge, in which the secret history of architecture that is critical and constructs alternatives to the built affirmation of the social, political and economic status quo receives a documentation and discussion, strategies are developed for fighting the power, and poems and paeans to other worlds are developed".

Online Video

Additionally as in 2010, in 2012 there will partial on line records of the events as video clips these will be provided through the offices of HP and the other Press Partners.

Press Partners

Coverage of the evenings is provided by Exclusive Press Partners from around the world. We hope this gives the fullest mixture of flavour, interest and coverage in different geographical, language and readerships groups. 


BauNetz - Germany and German Speaking Countries


CONDITIONS - Scandinavian Countries


IL GIORNALI DELL ARCHITECTTURA - published during the Biennale in Venice