Dark Side Club - a salon for conversation


The events on the 25th, 26th and 27th August are by necessity of their location in private palazzo only by invitation and do not allows large scale audience participation.

It is our aspiration for the Club to bring together the most interesting groupings of contributors to make the salon conversation as fascinating as possible. These will be as carefully drawn as possible from those invited initially or via application but the numbers are limited to approximately 35 in total each evening of whom 25 will be invited for dinner and 10 for the salon only.

It is our declared intention that this forum offer the opportunity for the best of the younger generation of the profession to be able to contribute, to be heard and hopefully to impress.

If you feel you can contribute to a particular topic during the salon part of the evening then please write to info@whitepartners.com stating the evening you would like to attend, your name, organisation and contact email and mobile number. Every applicant will be contacted to advise of the availability of their choice and details of the event location.

Please note that Press members not part of the invited network of coverage are welcome to apply in order to contribute to the debate but are asked to respect the nature of the exclusive geographical and media type arrangements in place to allow the widest in depth coverage of the conversations.